Michael Parris

Hailing from the gritty streets of Dublin, Michael Parris isn’t your typical guitar slinger. He’s a walking storm of contradictions, a Rottweiler with a puppy’s soul, a rebel steeped in both whiskey-soaked anthems and whispered melodies. Music, he once quips, was his ticket to teenage glory, “a surefire way to get laid.” Little did the young Mick know, he’d stumble upon something far more

intoxicating than fleeting desire – a connection to something deeper, something that resonated within the very marrow of his bones.

That spark ignited, Michael carved his path through the vibrant UK music scene, leaving his mark on bands like Sweet Trash and City Limits. But it was with Pet Hate that the embers truly roared. Their albums became battle cries for a generation, raw tales of love, loss, and rebellion tattooed onto vinyl. And amidst the sonic chaos, there was Michael – his one-finger waltz on the piano weaving delicate threads through the storm, his guitar singing with a voice equal parts grit and grace.

Then, silence. For years, the music within Michael retreated, the once-booming amp gathering dust in the corner. Life took its turns, whispering different melodies. But the rebel’s heart never truly gave up the beat. Now, the silence is broken. A new album stirs on the horizon, a phoenix rising from the ashes of time. It’s the sound of a man rediscovering his voice, the rough edges softened by experience, the fire still burning, tempered by wisdom.

This comeback isn’t just about making music, it’s about reconnecting with the soul that first found solace in the strings. It’s about sharing the stories etched into his bones, the scars and triumphs that make him who he is. It’s about proving that even the fiercest rebels have stories to tell, love songs to sing, and melodies that yearn to be shared.

So brace yourselves, world. Michael Parris is back, his guitar a weapon of truth, his voice a lullaby for the wounded, and his music a testament to the unyielding spirit that lives on, even in the quietest corners of the heart. Get ready to dance with the devil, cry with the angels, and rediscover the magic that happens when an Irish rebel remembers how to sing.

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