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YamaLlama Records is a record label founded by Erich RussekRobbins, a producer known for his quirky and genre-bending sound. The label is home to a variety of artists, including the indie rock band Poets in Heat and the UK punk singer Michael Parris.

Check out the sneak peek of the new video for “Fire At Louie’s.” Fire will be available on stream platforms on May 20.

Poets in Heat is a band that has been around since the early 1990s. They are known for their unique blend of rock, pop, and other genres. Their latest album, “The Return of El Rubio” is slated to be released in the winter of 2024.

Michael Parris is a punk singer from the UK. His new album is coming out this fall, and he will be releasing a single, “I Don’t Need You”, on May 21..

If you are looking for music that is outside the box, YamaLlama Records is a label worth checking out. You can learn more about Erich Russek and Poets in Heat at https://yamallama.com/home/poets-in-heat/ and Michale Parris at https://yamallama.com/michael-parris/.

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